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Expand & Conquer

Marvin Wood Products Industrial Construction Project

Completed: November 2018

Location: Baker City, OR

Size: Two-story (40 feet tall), 21,000 square feet

Type of Project: CM/GC – GMP

Skills Needed

Industrial Construction

Budget Forecasting



Sequential Project Phasing

Cast-In-Place Concrete

Site Drainage

Heavy Duty Concrete Paving

Fall Protection Systems

Specialized Structures

Problem Solving

The Challenge

Expand Operations In a Wood-Processing Facility While Keeping It Open

Marvin Wood Products is a manufacturer of award-winning windows and doors, and happens to operate a location right here in Baker City!  In fact, they are the largest private employer in all of Baker County. While Marvin’s headquarters are located in Minnesota, the Baker City plant processes the wood framing that will eventually be assembled with glass to create those beautiful, award-winning windows.

Marvin had a vision for a full expansion of their facility, which was originally intended to be completed in two distinct phases, back-to-back. This would allow them to expand their operations and crank out more wood product while producing less waste. The primary “RIPSCAN” machine that Marvin wanted installed would make the Baker City plant a state-of-the-art wood scanning facility and the only one of its kind in the country.

A major goal of the project was keeping the Marvin plant operable during construction. Sid Johnson & Co. was chosen to lead this project due to our expertise in project sequencing and working around difficult logistics that other construction companies would consider a nightmare. Not us! Helping businesses stay open and meeting deadlines is the name of our game.

Industrial Construction

The Process

Smart Project Management While Adapting to Ever-Changing Circumstances

Don’t drop anything!  Some of the challenges involved in this project included running new data and power cables all overhead in the facility while employees remained working. This part of the project was completed in 2007.

The economic downturn in 2008 caused Marvin to pause the project for 9 years. When Marvin was ready to begin the project again, they chose to have us continue the work as we had developed a good amount of trust with them and in the community on projects of this scale.

Speed and Precision

We needed to move rapidly but carefully to get the project done on time and on budget while keeping the plant open. This included adapting our procedures to Marvin’s stringent safety protocols in order to keep the Marvin staff safe, and maintaining constant communication between the owners, architects, and our subcontractors to keep the plant open.

The final step was to install state-of-the-art equipment including computer controls, saws, and scanners.  Sid Johnson & Co. dealt directly with the manufacturer of the equipment in order to prepare the building for their installation.

Construction Activities

For the Marvin Wood Products RIPSCAN Expansion


Heavy Equipment Structural Footings


Dual Air Compressor Room


Heat Recovery Duct System


Intricate LV Motor Controls


Office Space Construction


Specialized, Cast-in-place concrete structures


Expanded 3-Phase Power


MCC Room


Steel Building Construction


Heavy Duty Concrete Paving and Drainage


Fall Protection Systems


Expanded Capacity and Happy Employees

The Marvin Wood Products RIPSCAN expansion project produced daily curve balls with changing demands from the owners, issues with supply availability, and weather complications.  Fortunately, our ability to adapt our project schedule meant we were able to meet the ever-changing demands and find the right talent for every phase of the job.  The icing on the cake is that we finished the project under budget.

Marvin Wood Products’ motto is to “raise the bar by building quality, beauty and simplicity into people’s everyday lives.” Of course, this process starts right at the heart of the company, with the employees themselves and their workspace. Sid Johnson & Co. was able to expand the operations of Marvin while creating a functional and safe working environment.


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